MMA Link Club: Drugs in Fighting, Miesha Tate, Homeless MMA Photographer & More

In MMA‘s War on Drugs, Some Experts Say We’re Not Fighting the Right Battles: MMAFighting

“If you want to give Dr. Don Catlin a laugh, ask him what he thinks of the use of therapeutic-use exemptions (TUEs) for testosterone in the sport of mixed martial arts.

“Ask the 73-year-old anti-doping pioneer and International Olympic Committee member if he thinks there’s ever a situation where pro fighters (even those in their 40s) should be given permission to use testosterone, and then sit back and listen to his low, chuckling response.”


It’s time to watch Episode 5 of our ‘Powerful Knockouts’ series: MiddleEasy

“So WHOA! TV and MiddleEasy felt that your Thursday has been deprived of remarkable one-punch knockouts. We threw our archive of footage in the juicer and extracted the most nutritious knockouts that we legally have rights to.

“We’ve labeled the segment ‘Powerful Knockouts’ because there’s no such thing as a non-powerful knockout. No knockout in the history of knockouts has ever been peaceful…and this clip from BAMMA is no different. Sit back, light an incense stick and fumigate your room with cheap fragrance.”


11 GIFs of Diego Sanchez Being Diego Sanchez: CagePotato

“Love him or hate him, Diego Sanchez is an exciting fighter who brings it each and every time he’s in the cage. What is most polarizing about him is that most fans think that he’s a really strange dude.

“From his stevia experimentation,”Yes!” mantra, cartwheels and his denial that he may have lost a fight to his recent call-out of his teammate Carlos Condit, it’s an understatement to say that the TUF winner marches to the beat of a different drummer, but that’s part of his appeal.”


Photos: Miesha Tate trains hard in preparation for Ronda Rousey: LowKick

“ photographer extraordinaire Scott Hirano was in the right place at the right time, to bring the following photos of Miesha Tate’s sparring session.”


The Itinerant Lens: MMACovert

“This isn’t a story about fighter pay. This isn’t a story about the financial inequities (perceived or actual) in the business of sanctioned fighting. This isn’t about how someone should be compensated for their services, or about how life can be unkind to those who are diligent and hardworking.

“This is a story about Keith Mills, who, at 43 years old, has been covering the sport of mixed martial arts since before it was even called that, since before there was “The Ultimate Fighter” and live events aired on FOX, since before the bald guy in Las Vegas began issuing forth profanity-laced tirades and made what was once spectacle into a billion-dollar industry.

“For over 11 years, Keith has been aiming his lens and capturing shots of mixed martial arts competitors in action. His work appears regularly in everything from mainstream outlets ESPN and Sports Illustrated to top MMA news websites and to the United Kingdom magazine Fighters Only and the Japanese magazine Gong.

“He’s been flown out to shoot fights in such locales as Costa Rica, Hawaii and Russia. And for the last two and a half years, Keith has been homeless.”


Image matters: UFC business & media politics: FightOpinion

“Speaking of UFC Japan, Issei Tamura of Krazy Bee will take on Tiequan Zhang. MMA Planet in Japanese has a fascinating item on why Tamura got picked over Keinosuke “Tattoo Man” Yoshinaga, the young man who made his name in Akira Maeda’s Outsider promotion.

“MMA Planet says that Zuffa passed over Yoshinaga because of the amount of tattoos he has on his body and how it would be a bad thing for the company’s image in attracting sponsorships to have Yoshinaga in the UFC cage.”


History in the Making: Quinton Jackson makes his PRIDE FC debut vs. Kazushi Sakuraba: MMAMania

“It was on this hallowed ground where “Rampage” first gained worldwide recognition and evolved into the champion he would one day become. Battles with Ricardo Arona and Wanderlei Silva are etched in the minds of mixed martial arts (MMA) fans across the globe with Jackson being on both sides of a beating.”


Top 10 WTF Moments in MMA: TheFightNerd

“Then there are those moments that leave you completely scratching your head, asking yourself, “WTF just happened?” Today, we take a look at the Top 10 WTF moments in MMA that left fans completely confused as to why someone would do what they did, but too weirded out to even have a logical response for what they just saw.”


Why Create an Interim Title that Won’t Be Defended?: FiveOuncesofPain

“The reason the interim title was created in the first place was because of the severity of the knee injury GSP had suffered. Surgery would force the Canadian to be out of action until late fall of this year.

“By having Diaz or Condit become interim champion, the UFC could keep the title active until St. Pierre was healthy enough to face whoever was champion at the time of his return.

“It’s not like there was a shortage of competent challengers waiting to face the winner of the UFC 143 match-up.”


‘The Ultimate Fighter 15′ Premier Brings 16 Live Fights To FX: FightLine

“The cast will feature 32 lightweight and welterweight fighters initially, with 16 fights going down during the live, two-hour season premier to determine which competitors will make it into the house. The teams of 155 and 170-pounders will be chosen and coached by UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and his rival Urijah Faber.”


Without Greg Jackson, Jon Jones Will Still Make Rashad Evans His Next Masterpiece: 5thRound

“I don’t expect him to be in my corner,” Jones shared. “I was just saying this recently in an interview, Greg has taught me this whole thing about being an artist and being a great artist and he said, ‘In order to be a great artist, you need a great coach, a great teacher. You need someone who’s always giving you new paint and new paint brushes,’ and that’s what he’ll do leading up to this fight.”


Zuffa responds to New York’s motion to dismiss: MMAPayout

“Zuffa filed its response to New York’s motions to dismiss its Equal Protection and Due Process causes of action in its Complaint. It also argued that the Court should consider the changed circumstances in determining the MMA ban in New York state.”

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